Live in Lod: Empowering Local Artists & Bridging Divides

העצמת אומנים. גישור על פערים.

תרום כעת

Live in Lod is an Arts & Culture Organization which empowers local artists through providing a platform to create, collaborate, and perform together.

Often referred to as “the microcosm of Israel”, Lod is a mixed city which is facing immense segregation, only exacerbated by the current regional crisis. Additionally, its residents are experiencing significant social-economic barriers. We understand that the only path forward for Israeli society is through providing for stability of all of its peoples, side by side. 

Live in Lod began as an initiative developed by two Yahel fellows during their time on the Social Change Fellowship of 2023. Utilizing a grant of 10,000 shekels and a volunteer work force from Yahel, Live in Lod was born. The first series of events, including the city’s first local arts festival, were created in the aftermath of the riots of 2021. These events proved to effectively bridge gaps within a segregated city, while also increasing the city’s financial and cultural capital.

Since, there has been a growing demand for Live in Lod’s continued presence throughout the city!  Unfortunately, this year, the war has left us at a deficit, leaving us without funding and without a volunteer staff. 

We are asking you, as someone who believes in the transformative power of nonviolent resolution, to donate what you can to support our work on the ground!

It is essential that our work not only relieves social and economic tensions, but is also sustainable. This is only possible through the care and generosity of people around the world. Your donation will provide the tools to strengthen local artists’ social and financial mobility, in an environment that often impedes it.

The international response to violent conflict should be defined by those who are living closest to that conflict. Live in Lod honors its constituents' vision of sustainability and prosperity, through engaging in open dialogue through the arts and bringing growth towards their small businesses economy. Right now, there has never been a more critical time to invest in creative solutions.

“We believe that artists have a valuable function in any society, since it is the artists who reveal the society to itself.” -Harry Belafonte