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Empowering Artists. Bridging Gaps.

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– Provide a platform for local artists to collaborate, create and perform

– Empower local artists and support the small business economy

– Develop the potency and reputation of Lod’s Cultural Capital

– Unite artists and audiences from across the city of Lod

How it all started...


Michael & Aetahn spearheaded a collaboration between a community center and community theatre to produce an open-mic event. The event generated so much attention, revenue, and artwork + pride within these communities that a month later, they launched a second event with increased artists + audiences, production, and exposure.

The beginning of an idea


One night, the idea of a city wide arts and music festival was born. They united their partners, got to work and in three months, the festival was launched. Utilizing a grant of ₪10,000 and volunteer workforce from Yahel, ‘Live in Lod’ integrated the local arts scene for a two-day festival of visual art exhibitions, an array of live musical performances, immersive theater, and locally sourced cuisine.

About Us

Our Story

In September 2023, Michael and Aetahn came to Lod to volunteer in the “Yahel Social Change Fellowship”. During their service in Lod, they developed a great affection for the seemingly undesirable city, as they were working in shadows of the violet riots of May 2021. After some time working throughout various communities, what they witnessed was shocking…


The city was vibrant with art and culture. Communities weren’t familiar with each and the social tension was ever present. However, there was a growing desire among the residents, especially artists, to connect with one another.


“Isolation is both the pre-condition, and the result of violence” -Rabbi Sharon Brous.


Michael and Aetahn believe that the international response to violent conflict should be defined by those who are living closest to that conflict, and that the response should honor those people’s vision of sustainable peace.


With this in mind, Michael & Aetahn launched “Live in Lod” as the city’s first ever Local Arts Festival. Locals came together with their neighboring communities to celebrate the arts and culture of their city.


The demand for the festival to return is high. In the wake of the war, there has never been a more important time to invest in creative solutions.

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