Our Partners

Lod Municipality

The Cultural Department of the city of Lod is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive cultural ecosystem within the city. Committed to enriching the lives of residents and visitors alike, our partners in the municipality oversee a diverse array of cultural initiatives, programs, and events that celebrate the unique heritage, artistic expression, and creative endeavors that define the City of Lod.  In collaboration with municipal leaders, community partners, and our partners at Yahel, our municipal partners are advancing the role of culture as a catalyst for positive social change, economic development, and safety for all residents. Together, we envision a future where the arts and culture thrive as essential pillars of Lod’s identity and enrich the overall quality of life.

Matnas Chicago

The Chicago Community Center in Lod was founded in the 1970s. In 2014, the Israel Association of Community Centers officially fully reopened it as the first Jewish-Arab community center in Israel. The Matnas now serves as the community center in the neighborhood of Ramat Eshkol in Lod, home mostly to Arab residents in the city. The Matnas provides a safe space for young residents to develop socially and professionally, while also providing social services which empower families and at-risk youth.

Hatachana-Young Adult Center

The Young Adult Center in Lod aims to empower youth by providing them with professional and personal development opportunities. It delivers courses and seminars on a range of educational topics, provides guidance on looking for available sponsorships and scholarships. It is closely connected to the culture of the city, as the home for the Funky Flavour Crew and other art collectives within Lod. Hatachana provides the only social space for young adults to congregate, when they open their doors to the public every Thursday evening.

Funky Flavor Crew

The FFC is the major underground hip-hop collective in the city. FFC facilitates several musical groups as well as various mentorship programs for disenfranchised youth. Their artists were part of the very first LIL events as the collective acts as a hub for underground talent in the city. FFC is a major pillar of the growing movement of developing culture within Lod.


Harmonica is a dynamic force in the promotion of artists in the region. Harmonica, founded by Lod’s own Nizar Elkhater, is dedicated to fostering mentorships programming in the heart of the city.  Through championing local musicians and facilitating musical bridging across diverse styles, Harmonica is spearheading the expansion of music education in the city of Lod through the establishment of a cutting-edge conservatory. Harmonica is dedicated to cultivating musical talent by nurturing various ensembles and promoting their artistry and provides a safe, enriching space for all of the city.

Lod Community Theatre

The Lod Community Theatre is conveniently located in a renovated, underground bomb shelter in the center of the city. The only community theatre in the city was founded by Penina Rinzler in 2014 and is currently managed by Arina Zimmerman. Serving a variety of populations within Lod, including a children’s ensemble and several therapeutic workshops focusing on PTSD and recovery, the theatre works with an emphasis on the development of local culture within Lod. The theatre envisages equipping its members throughout its workshops the professional tools to be able to work within its professional touring ensemble.

Lily's Patisserie

Lily's is a french style patisserie in Lod established in 2023 by a social activist and one of Lod's premier entrepreneurs, Leor Benisty. Lily's has been allocated a top ten spot in recent polls for best patisseries in Israel, and aims to increase financial and cultural capital in Lod by identifying cuisine. Additionally, Leor established “Hatachana” and runs citywide programming, empowering and mobilizing Jewish and Arab businesses.

Luda Cafe

Luda Cafe is an initiative that sees the local municipality partner with Ayaim, an organization that establishes student villages across Israel. Luda Cafe is the first cafe to open in Lod, and is one of the only social hubs for all residents. It aims to bring employment opportunities to those in Lod with additional needs, as well as cultivating a vibrant social atmosphere for residents of the city.

Yahel Israel

Yahel trains, supports and inspires individuals and organizations to take part in responsible and sustainable volunteering in Israel alongside local community members. They equip young people with the tools and skills to take initiative and become life-long leaders of social change.